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Perth to Ningaloo Reef

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Embark on a remarkable 11 day family-friendly outback adventure that promises to create everlasting memories. Immerse yourself in the captivating wonders of Western Australia’s unique flora and fauna, as you explore a world-heritage off-road expedition that blends history, rich culture, iconic landscapes, and awe-inspiring marine life.



Comprehensive 4WD Training

On the first day, we'll introduce you to your trusted companion for the journey, our specially equipped 4WD Land Cruiser. But this is no ordinary vehicle. It's a symbol of freedom and adventure, a means to unlock the hidden gems of the Australian outback. Before we hit the road, we'll embark on a comprehensive training session, ensuring that you're fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Together with your fellow adventurers, you'll conquer the art of beach driving and master the techniques needed to drive on challenging off-road rocky terrain tracks. You'll learn the secrets of adapting tyre pressure to suit the extreme driving conditions, ensuring optimal performance and safety. You'll be taught the art of survival, gaining essential knowledge and skills to thrive in this vast and untamed wilderness. With radio etiquette and convoy travel mastered, we'll return to our city hotel. We'll share an evening meal, savouring delicious local cuisine and raising a toast to the adventure that awaits us.



Depart perth to Wooleen Station

On day two, our unforgettable off-road adventure begins, setting us on a life-changing journey through the breathtaking Western Australian outback. Departing from Perth, our convoy will make its way towards our first campsite, the Rocky Outcrop, set amongst the red cliffs in the vast expanse of Wooleen Station. As we bid farewell to the cityscape, an exhilarating sense of anticipation fills the air, knowing that a remarkable experience awaits us amidst the diverse and captivating landscapes of Western Australia. Along the way, we traverse picturesque towns and rolling hills, enchanted by the ever-changing scenery, from lush countryside to vast open plains. As we approach Wooleen Station, the terrain transforms, unveiling the iconic red dirt tracks that symbolize the untamed spirit of the Australian outback. Upon reaching the Rocky Outcrop, we will set up our swags for our first evening of open-air camping. Together, we’ll collect firewood and savour the experience of preparing dinner together and as the night unfolds, we find comfort in our cozy swags, falling asleep under a mesmerizing blanket of stars, embraced by the untamed beauty of the outback.



awe-inspiring valleys

On day three, we will awaken to the serenity of the outback and prepare for a day filled with exploration and discovery. At Wooleen Station, spanning a vast 375,000 acres, we delve into the heart of Australian station life, experiencing the authenticity of the Australian bush. We encounter the wonders of the wild as we catch glimpses of playful dingos roaming freely in their natural habitat. We’ll do some climbing in the majestic cliffs which from the top, offer breathtaking views of the rugged landscapes. We’ll enjoy a scenic riverside picnic lunch, allowing us to relax and soak in the tranquil surroundings. As the sun sets once more, we’ll enjoy some local gin and tonics as we will prepare for a unique fire-cooking experience, savouring the flavours of our outback feast. We’ll then enjoy sitting around the campfire together sharing stories and laughter, before we retire to our swags for a well-deserved rest, enjoying the tranquillity of one of the world’s last remaining true wildernesses, the Australian Outback.



thrilling off-road driving adventures

As day four unfolds, we’ll pack up our campsite and head towards our next adventure, the remarkable Kennedy Range National Park, a place steeped in natural wonders and ancient history. Known as "Mundatharrda" to the local Aboriginal people, this sacred land holds stories and secrets dating back millions of years. As we navigate challenging off-road rocky terrain, we venture deeper into the park and witness the awe-inspiring forces of nature that have shaped the magnificent valleys and cliff faces over countless millennia. After a day of adventure and self-discovery, we'll head towards a unique campsite, one that is typically inaccessible to the public. Nestled in a hidden corner of the park, this exclusive location allows us to truly immerse ourselves in the untamed wilderness. Here, we will be met by Rennee from Worramulla Eco Tours who will share captivating Aboriginal Dreamtime stories with us, revealing the creation of the landscape and its spiritual significance. With her deep connection to Yinggarda culture, Rennee brings these ancient tales to life, portraying the harmony between Aboriginal communities and this ancient land. We'll learn about traditional practices, bush foods, and the enduring wisdom of the world’s oldest surviving culture.



journey to Quobba Station

On day five, we embark on another thrilling off-road adventure through the magnificent Kennedy Range National Park. Guided by the wise words of Rennee, we'll trace the path of the ancient serpent, understanding its spiritual significance and deep connection to the land. The rugged terrain is guaranteed to ignite your sense with excitement and adventure and as we witness breathtaking sights akin to postcard views, the challenging terrain navigation will be well worth it. Crossing the Kennedy ranges, we etch our journey into the book that’s placed there, joining the exclusive group who have conquered this untamed wilderness. As we continue to navigate corrugated dirt roads through ravines and valleys, each turn reveals a new awe-inspiring vista. The exhilarating challenge of the tracks fills us with accomplishment and a profound bond with the wild surroundings. As the sun sets, painting the outback in warm hues, we retreat to our campsite. Gathered around a crackling campfire, we indulge in a truly Australian BBQ dinner, savouring the local flavours including Kangaroo tails, while sharing tales and laughter under the starry sky.



world's finest coral reefs

Day six takes us to Bullara Station, a truly unique destination in the heart of the Western Australian outback. This working cattle station covers vast stretches of land, offering a genuine and authentic experience of life on the station. Bullara's charm lies in its rustic beauty, where red dirt roads meander through the picturesque landscape, and the rugged terrain adds a touch of adventure to our journey. One of the most anticipated highlights of our stay at Bullara Station are the well-deserved warm showers. After days of off-road driving and camping, this simple luxury is always very much appreciated and enjoyed. As the sun sets over the vast plains, we'll take in the breathtaking beauty of the outback and enjoy a station dinner with Edwina and Tim, the warm-hearted hosts of Bullara Station. Edwina and Tim's passion for their land is contagious, so much so that many of our guests choose to visit Edwina and Tim again on their return visits to Western Australia. Bullara Station's rustic charm and warm hospitality make it the perfect place to unwind and appreciate the untamed allure of the Australian outback.



swim alongside the gentle giants

On day seven, a hearty station breakfast sets the tone for a day of pure awe and wonder. Our journey takes us from Bullara Station to Cape Range National Park, a natural wonderland that encompasses the world-renowned Ningaloo coral reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Area since 2011. As we reach our campsite nestled close to the pristine waters, it feels almost surreal, and you may have to pinch yourself to believe you're not in a dream. The proximity of whale sharks, dolphins, and rays frolicking nearby serves as a constant reminder of the remarkable marine ecosystem that thrives beneath the surface. In the afternoon, we’ll head into the ocean for some snorkelling amongst the vibrant corals and abundant marine life and as the day gently transitions into evening, we'll enjoy sundowners while looking out over the ocean. In the evening, we will prepare dinner together, to the sounds of the ocean lapping against the shoreline.



fun fishing experience

Day eight offers a choice from two thrilling adventures that both promise unforgettable experiences. For the adventurous spirits, there's an optional marine safari that provides the rare chance to swim alongside the gentle giants of the ocean – the magnificent whale sharks. It's a truly unique and awe-inspiring encounter that leaves you feeling humbled and exhilarated by the presence of these majestic creatures. However, if you prefer to keep things relaxed or have younger family members, you can opt for drift snorkelling instead. Where you literally float along the vibrant corals, immersed in a kaleidoscope of marine life, creating cherished memories of this underwater paradise. Regardless of your choice, the wonder and joy experienced underwater is shared by all, regardless of age. As the day winds down, we return to the campsite to indulge in a delightful seafood dinner featuring the freshest Exmouth prawns, freshly caught off the boats. Together, we'll prepare the feast, savouring the fresh flavours of the ocean and creating a sense of camaraderie through shared laughter and stories. As the stars twinkle above, casting a celestial canopy, you'll be reminded of the beauty of the reef beneath and the magical experiences that have brought us together on this extraordinary journey.



a serene haven

On day nine, we will set off in convoy in our 4WD vehicles, to embark on an exhilarating journey through the challenging hills of the Cape Range National Park. As we traverse this rugged terrain, we will find ourselves further immersed in the splendour of this untouched wilderness. The morning is filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and heart-pounding 4WD adventures that create unforgettable memories. We’ll return to campsite on the beach for lunch before enjoying the opportunity to either relax on the beach, snorkel or participate in a fun fishing experience right off the sandy shores. The tranquil beauty of this world-renowned beach and the camaraderie of the group makes whichever experience you choose, an afternoon you will never forget. As the sun begins to set, we gather around, preparing our freshly caught fish for a delicious evening meal together. The serenity of the beach and the joy of our shared experiences create an atmosphere of togetherness and contentment as we embrace our final night in this breathtaking corner of the world.



rocky and sandy tracks

On Day ten, with a tinge of bittersweet emotion, we’ll begin the process of packing up our campsite, ready to continue our unforgettable journey. Our convoy once again takes on the rocky and sandy tracks of Cape Range National Park, presenting us with a final dose of adventure and excitement in our trusted 4WD vehicles. As we navigate the challenging terrain, we're reminded of the resilience and camaraderie that have defined this extraordinary adventure. We’ll enjoy a well-deserved lunch at Red Bluff, relishing in the beauty of the rugged coastline and witnessing the awe-inspiring blow holes in action. Our journey will continue to Wooramel River Retreat, where we'll arrive in time for a breathtaking sunset. Here, amidst the tranquil surroundings, we're treated to the ultimate relaxation experience with hot spas to soothe our weary bodies. The night comes alive with the warm glow of campfires, and the sounds of live music filling the air, adding a touch of celebration to our final night of the itinerary.



farewell celebration

Day eleven marks the end of our adventure as we bid farewell to Wooramel River Retreat and begin our return journey back to Perth. Reflecting on the remarkable adventures, rich culture, and natural wonders that have defined our journey, we are sure you’ll feel, as others who have completed this life-changing journey before you have, a sense of immense gratitude and fulfillment. The unspoiled beauty of Western Australia's outback is guaranteed to captivate your soul and leave an imprint that will last a lifetime.

After completing this 11-day adventure, you’re guaranteed to carry with you not just memories, but a deeper understanding of the land, its people, and the delicate balance that exists between them. The Australian outback, one of the world’s oldest and last remaining wildernesses weaves its magic into your being, and once experienced, we’re sure will forever a part of your story.
Are you ready to embark on this transformative and extraordinary journey? Join us and let the unspoiled beauty of Western Australia captivate your soul.

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